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Semi-Automatic Window Patching Machine
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Semi-Automatic Cleaning Machine
Semi-Automatic Cleaning Machine
Semi-Automatic Cleaning Machine is mainly used for folding carton die cutting inner hole cleaning residual waste paper.
  Semi-Automatic Cleaning MachineDescription:


Semi-Automatic Cleaning Machine is mainly used for clean-up of the inner hole of waste paper residues in the color printing and packaging enterprises of all kinds of color box carton die cutting such as aircraft holes, round holes, square holes, long holes, etc.). Many key components through improved design and fine processing, to ensure the accuracy and easy operation of the mechanical work. Adjustable locking plate can be installed dozens of mold to achieve a clean up of dozens of waste hole, significant savings in labor, improve work efficiency.


1, using air as the power to take the air input type
2, does not require maintenance
3, after adjustment only pedaling operation is very simple.
4, the head unit, suitable for a variety of accessories
5, the bottom of the wheel easy to move


Technical   parameters :
Machinesize:                                               2036 ×706 ×1006
Weight:                                                                  260kg
Maximum cleaning area:                               1080 ×780
Cleaning the thickness of the cardboard               <5cm
Corrugatedthickness                                             <8cm
The required power: compressed air filter adjustment  

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